Single Point Contact – the shortcut to new suppliers

Map Eastern Europe Thonab 2

Eastern Europe is currently of major interest to anyone purchasing components for industry. Overall cost, close proximity and the advantages of the EU are taking on more and more importance. With Thonab Sourcing Group, you do not have to search for suppliers. Instead, you will be given one point of contact to an entire team of manufacturers. Full transparency, guaranteed quality and delivery are all part of the deal. Your demands in terms of sustainability and social responsibility will also be met – that you can be sure of.

Underpin your purchasing department
Constant demands to enhance streamlining are making purchases increasingly important. And just like you, we are purchasers and act as an extension of your purchasing function. You will be given a contact person for a team of manufacturers, and with our help you will make sure you get the right price, quality and delivery. You will not have to waste time searching for suppliers, and you will avoid risks that may impact upon your company.

Full transparency
The Single Point Contact concept is designed to make your life easier and facilitate important decisions. This is why we give you full transparency as regards everything we do, and we help you to focus on the overall cost. We also guarantee cost-effective transport, product quality and on-time deliveries. Openness and fast decisions are important, and we would be happy for you to visit the companies in the team.

Outstanding technical expertise

Our manufacturers can be found in Hungary, Bulgaria, Rumania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. They specialise in fields such as laser-cut, precision-cast, turned and finished components made of metal and plastic. Milled and electronics. We will give you access to our collective expertise when your company wants to develop new products.

Sustainability and CSR
We realise that your company makes stringent demands of its suppliers in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. The advantage of using suppliers within the EU is that basic conditions are regulated by law, and most of our manufacturers hold ISO accreditation and are receptive to your requirements.