Logistics hubs centre in Hungary – warehouse in Stockholm

Logistics Thonab 1

Many of our components nowadays are manufactured outside Sweden. Demands for a well-developed logistics function have become more stringent due to the fact there are a number of extremely talented low-cost manufacturers in Bulgaria, Hungary, Rumania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Our warehouse in Stockholm, combined with logistics hubs at our major manufaturers, enhances flexibility and improves our economies of scale.


Lean production is based on business systems and processes. The supply of machine parts has a very important part to play in this regard, and Thonab gives you precisely the integration you require. Flexibility over time, transport methods which meet your requirements in terms of punctuality and sustainability, integration in ordering and stock systems, etc.

Coordinated transportation

Coordinated transportation is the key to greater cost effectiveness. Manufacturing parts in one country and then transporting these parts to a different country where the product is assembled can often be cheaper and more efficient than manufacturing these parts on site. This is why we, in cooperation with our major suppliers, set up logistics hubs, when needed, to coordinate production in Eastern Europe and transportation in the region and to end customers.

Thousands of products in stock

We stock a large number of parts at our warehouse in Västberga, south of Stockholm – everything from electronics, machine parts and wear parts to customised mechanical solutions. You can order individual items here and have them distributed quickly throughout Sweden and internationally.

Sustainability in practice

We are constantly working to optimise our purchase flows and transport systems in order to minimise overall costs for our customers, while also reducing our impact on the environment. We have reduced our environmental impact thanks to better planning and more efficient goods management, and we are already meeting the majority of environmental targets defined for the market.

Our new warehouse in Stockholm

With our brand new warehouse in Länna south of Stockholm, we optimize our logistics with faster and smoother deliveries. The warehouse holds a total of 840 square meters.