Fast responses and the right product at the right time

Our story began in 1975, and since then we have worked tirelessly to streamline purchasing and logistics. A neatly packed consignment, labelled clearly and received at the correct location at the right time – these considerations have been key for us ever since we began operating. Nowadays we supply hundreds of thousands of components to companies all over Sweden. And we have customers who have been with us since we started – and we truly appreciate their confidence in us.

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One point of contact is enough

We can offer most machine parts in order to save you time and minimise the risk of poor quality or delivery hassles. We have a rich network of suppliers in Sweden and abroad. Our focus on Eastern Europe over the past few years has resulted in us finding a number of very talented manufacturers offering some very competitive prices, even compared with Asia.


Many of our parts are customised and unique. We have design skills, and we can help you to develop the things you need in conjunction with our suppliers’ engineers. No matter what kind of product you want – a more standardised product, or your own unique design – we can purchase such products, have them manufactured and keep them in stock ready to be subordered. Whatever you need, we can do it.

Focus on your business

Emhart, a manufacturer of machinery for glass production, has been a customer of ours ever since the beginning. Our partnerships with our customers have developed over the years, and nowadays we are a partner combining purchasers with logisticians and engineers. But our focus remains the same: always fast responses, active support and expert assistance with a view to maximising your business and making your life easier.

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